• Pokemon Shiny Living Dex Gen 1-7


    Dominate PVP and Max Raids in Pokemon Sword and Shield with 100% legal and battle ready shiny Pokemon from Private-Cheats today!

    Platform:  Windows

    Payment Method:  Bitcoin



    If you buy please post here: https://www.private-cheats.com/forums/forum/68-purchase-section/ 

    At this point you will be PM'd by AshKetchup to set up appoint within the hours listed above.

    Pokemon that are in Sword/Shield are PVP ready and completely online legal!




    All 807+ Pokemon were obtained organically WITHOUT codes or cheats, and have LEGAL moves, stats and nature.

    All 807+ pass legality checkers and can be traded and used in competitions.

    All legendary Pokemon from Gen 1 to 7 can be found in these packs.

    These are not genned - they're from a legit save where they are all hand caught.

    These Pokemon are from Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon. All 807+ Pokemon will be transferred to Pokemon Home.

    Compatible Pokemon can then be transferred from Pokemon Home to either Pokemon Sword or Shield on your Nintendo Switch.

    Currently, most Pokemon are compatible with Sword and Shield however there are still some Pokemon not in the actual game as of yet. You can keep them stored in your Pokemon Home account until they are compatible in the future.

    Shiny National Pokedex

    Every Pokemon that can be shiny will be shiny. To keep all Pokémon legal, any Pokémon that cannot be naturally shiny will be in their regular, non-shiny form. All final evolution level 100, PERFECT 6IV where applicable.

    You CANNOT get banned using these Pokemon. We have checked each individual Pokemon for legitimacy to ensure they are fully legal, and usable within either Pokemon Sword or Shield.

    There are OVER 100 LEGITIMATE EVENT POKEMON also included. These Pokemon have the correct ID's and are usable for Tournament play.

    There are many rare Event Pokemon included. These are some of the hardest Pokemon to obtain, as they are missable and limited. These Pokemon come from many places, including Gamestop events, World Championships.

    Obtained organically through events, and NOT added with software.




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