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  5. Its back in testing and could be back sooner than your think 🙂
  6. you have been extended a week.
  7. Hi, good evening. I would like to ask the admins to extend my sub by about 6hrs. It got inactive about 2 hours ago. I had a problem with the cheat and nobody even tried helping / supporting me. I think that customers should get support by the staff if they have any problems. I did not get any and so i had to fix the problem myself. It wasn't listed anywhere so it is NOT my own fault. Thank you.
  8. it works fine you do not follow directions on the forums.
  9. No its been 1yr that its dead soo i think Rez cant bypass Vanguard anymore
  10. I reviewed cod cheat because it does not work. THey deleted the review an ddid not awnser my support ticket lol. There cod does not work its the truth it just crashes the game and ip locks
  11. I have a credit card to buy, I don't have bitcoins, I would like to make the purchase, you can generate a payment link. please
  12. Instant respawn? what are you even talking about?
  13. aimbot not that great. Player name esp bugs. Game crash become more frequently
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