• Requirements

    • A Private-Cheats account with an active purchase.
    • Have your Windows fully up to date.  If you do not have all Windows updates, the loader may not work.
    • Have your graphics drivers up to date.


    Loader Setup

    You must have an active purchase to download the loader.  If you have not purchased a cheat, please visit our Store and make a purchase.

    If you have a license key, you can activate it on the Key Activation page.  You can view your keys by going to your Purchases.

    If you purchase your key from a reseller, they will send you the license key.

    Once your purchase is active, download the loader by clicking here.

    Anti-Virus: Because of how the loader injects cheats, anti-virus programs may detect the loader as a virus.  The loader may have to be added as an exception to your anti-virus program.


    Cheat Setup

    Go to Your Purchases to view setup details for the cheat you purchased.

    If you have issues, visit our Subscriber Section for more information.