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  1. Its back in testing and could be back sooner than your think 🙂
  2. you have been extended a week.
  3. it works fine you do not follow directions on the forums.
  4. contact your reseller again as he gets the keys. He should have it now. Let me know once you get it from him. Thanks
  5. This issue has been resolved now and Bronz4Life should be able to send u the key to activate now.
  6. sorry was out of town these past few days for family matters. Iv sent this issue to the person on the site who deals with this and he responded saying he is looking into this today. It should be solved sometime today.
  7. we never delete posts. In cold war we have had a few bans but was all due to error's on their end as we have thousands of users using the cheat just fine.
  8. it does not support the controller
  9. Dempsey

    About Destiny2

    the destiny 2 cheat is working. We do not currently have trials for cheats. Not sure why we do not have a video for it yet but will hopefully get one here soon.
  10. seems to be working fine