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  1. It does sometimes but it is not constant and it does not bother me to be honest , its no where near as bad as Battlefront 2 when it happens every match
  2. So I had been eyeing up this program for some time and I have to say it really does come through, I have tested it it for around 3 ish days now and after some fine tuning it works as well as you would think and does exactly what it says on the tin. The installation was somewhat unorthodox as I'm used to easier cheats however this was simple to accomplish nonetheless, A few bugs or flaws I have noticed is mainly the bone tracking when enemy players perform movements such as sliding etc as the bot aims where they would be if they were standing and not where they are while they are crouched. This is a minor irritation but only rarely happens such as aping from enemies as an example. I hope there is a way to rectify this or at least improve it but it is very minor in comparison to the advantage you are getting. Overall though the cheat is immaculate and the esp and other features make for a great tool and PS if you are apprehensive about installing it from this site it is so far undetected and legitimate and you can trust it as a provider. So yeah im super happy with this and I hope perhaps more features can be added in the future, A big tip of my hat to the devs . 8/10
  3. Bought this yesterday but haven't had the chance to use it yet , could someone tell me the steps to install and any security measures that should be taken or avoided and as well as how much you enjoy using it compared to the vanilla game 😉 Thanks guys - Marquis.