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  1. canaadriane

    Apex ESP

    Hi, how long has the Apex ESP been undetected?
  2. dont buy. its been down for 2 months
  3. Mb didnt realize this was ESP only
  4. no ETA rn but im sure @Reznov will add time back
  5. Yea but pretty selectively. With pistols I use 22 FOV, head hitbox, 85 smooth. With rifles I use 11 FOV, 95 Smooth, neck hitbox. With a sniper rifle I go 33 FOV, 80 Smooth and neck hitbox.
  6. Went up against shroud and aceu. Won both games. Shroud Aceu
  7. You sir just gave me an erection. excited for this
  8. Valorant Baby! Completely Legit and no Rage/Semi-Rage. Only ever used Private-Cheats. FOV: 11 Smooth: 95 ESP: On
  9. I use 11 FOV with 67 Smooth. I only turn Aimbot on when I use single headshot guns. With guns like phantom and vandal I turn aimbot off. Will keep it like that till rcs is implemented