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  1. Switched from other big providers but owning this cheat for a week now, and i can already see i will be here whole 2020 year. I can confirm that it's the cheat you need in your life if you're looking to play legit.(even semi-rage can work) Security 10/10 The security measurements they offer and cautions the owner puts into the cheat to make the cheat safer make you feel like you are in a safe bunker when detection comes to your mind so you can enjoy your game and not worry trough your games. (i dont know if this is only psychical but hey it works). Aimbot: 8/10 This aimbot is amazing. Perfect for entry fragging and catching some nice heads, with customizable hitboxes you can even set up some nice sniping configs as well.With the correct settings it is legit and smooth as a cake. The only thing is lacking is the RCS at this moment i am writting this but they are working on a workaround already. Visuals and The ESP: 9/10 i am playing with the name ESP to look legit and to not perfectly hold an angle down. box esp is also a simple box esp nothing can go wrong with it. big plus you can customize the color of it, so you are not forced to see colors which arent pleased for your eyes. Bone ESP is also a nice feature to wall legit, if you have struggles with your crosshair placement and you need some kind of edge in your game to help to hold on head. The health bar is also a well made simple bar, with color transition to get an idea of what kind of health level your enemies are. Community 10/10 Staffs are cool, and helpful, also the users friendly, and you can also search for playing buddies and its not toxic which is a great point! (on other forums this part of the scene is really toxic) Resellers are friendly and helpful which is always a good sign. Overall: 9/10 Quality can be felt in every piece of it. the cheat itself is fantastic if you are looking for a simple and affordable yet secure cheat on the market, and despite that it is almost a one man army (the coder team as far as i could see) this cheat can be called an apple of one's eye among legit cheats. I am a very critical person, however this cheat went beyond my expectations. They claim to add more features in the future but if they stay like this, it will be still a great choice in price-quality ratio. best regards, a satisfied customer.